Workplace Exclusion Impacts on Knowledge-Sharing via Moderation of Digital Media and Organizational Culture

SAGE Open, Volume 13, Issue 2, April-June 2023.
Technological innovation relies on creating new knowledge and technologies, and the talents who create and share the knowledge are influenced by interpersonal relationships. Therefore, how to use the company’s existing internal resources to solve the issue of interpersonal workplace exclusion and encourage the knowledge-sharing between employees to form a specific cultural dynamism in terms of knowledge sharing, which leads to technological innovations, has become a challenge for enterprises. Through an investigation of the survey conducted in China, this paper aimed to explore the influence mechanism of workplace exclusion on knowledge sharing from resource conservation theory and social exchange theory perspectives. The dual moderation model of this study contained digital media and the dynamics of organizational culture. The research results of this study found that workplace exclusion has a significant negative impact on knowledge sharing while digital media negatively moderates the relationship between workplace exclusion on knowledge sharing. On the other hand, organizational culture dynamics help enhance digital media’s moderating effect on the negative relationship between workplace exclusion and knowledge sharing. This research result indicates that when promoting employees’ knowledge-sharing behavior, the influence of the organizational cultural environment cannot be ignored. With the vibrant dynamics of organizational culture design, the company can promote a free, relaxed and innovative cultural atmosphere, encouraging employees to express their ideas and suggestions freely. That is to say, when employees feel excluded from others and cannot express their views because of being ignored and excluded, the visibility of digital media helps them better express their views and knowledge.

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