Visual Signs at Sociable Place Entrances: User Perceptions and Preferences

SAGE Open, Volume 13, Issue 2, April-June 2023.
This study aims to determine which signs are cognitively sufficient to convince the viewer to enter a social place, through the integration of semiotics and design. Photographs of 6 social places were obtained through personal photographs. A semiotic model of entrances was created and qualitative data were analyzed. An online survey was used to find out the perceived effectiveness of signs influencing customer decisions. A total of 595 respondents from all over the world responded to the questionnaire. Chi-square analysis was used for statistical analysis for differences between countries and age groups. Results of this study showed that specific colors, lights, transparency, right symbols, large scaled forms and gold lettering on black background raise the visibility of social place entrances and convince customers to enter the place and explore further. According to color preferences of countries, differing from previous literature; black or gray tones followed by red was preferred in Turkey and Cyprus. Red was the most preferred color in the The U.S.A., Middle East and Far East. In order to convince the customers to enter sociable places; this study has pointed out the importance of right signs to be used at sociable place entrances considering the different cultural connotations.

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