Poverty Alleviation Efficiency of Tourism and Its Spatiotemporal Differentiation in Jiangxi Province of China Based on the DEA Model

SAGE Open, Volume 13, Issue 2, April-June 2023.
Based on the DEA model, this paper evaluates the efficiency of poverty alleviation through tourism in Jiangxi Province based on three aspects: comprehensive efficiency, technical efficiency, and scale efficiency. The results show that the overall efficiency of poverty alleviation through tourism in Jiangxi Province is gradually progressing toward a high level, with the average value in recent years reaching 0.765. Compared to other cities in the Province, Ganzhou and Fuzhou have the highest ranking by level of tourism poverty alleviation. However, the tourism development at present is not truly just or even, resulting in a gap between the efficiency levels of regions. There are some areas that have been in the effective state for a long time, while others are far lower than the average efficiency due to low technical efficiency in these areas. The spatial differentiation of tourism poverty alleviation efficiency across regions shows that the tourism poverty alleviation efficiency in the eastern region of Jiangxi Province is low compared to other parts. Although the overall efficiency of tourism poverty alleviation in Jiangxi Province does not fluctuate much, there are still some areas where the efficiency of tourism poverty alleviation continues to show a downward trend, indicating that the allocation of tourism resources in Jiangxi Province needs to be optimized and leaving much room for improvement in the efficiency of poverty alleviation.

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