Test for Cosmological Parity Violation Using the 3D Distribution of Galaxies

We show how the galaxy four-point correlation function can test for cosmological parity violation. The detection of cosmological parity violation would reflect previously unknown forces present at the earliest moments of the Universe. Recent developments both in rapidly evaluating galaxy N-point correlation functions and in determining the corresponding covariance matrices make the search for parity violation in the four-point correlation function possible in current and upcoming surveys such as those undertaken by Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument, the Euclid satellite, and the Vera C. Rubin Observatory. We estimate the limits on cosmic parity violation that could be set with these data.

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  • Received 28 October 2021
  • Revised 7 January 2023
  • Accepted 10 April 2023


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Gravitation, Cosmology & Astrophysics

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