Direct Determination of Fission-Barrier Heights Using Light-Ion Transfer in Inverse Kinematics

Author(s): S. A. Bennett, K. Garrett, D. K. Sharp, S. J. Freeman, A. G. Smith, T. J. Wright, B. P. Kay, T. L. Tang, I. A. Tolstukhin, Y. Ayyad, J. Chen, P. J. Davies, A. Dolan, L. P. Gaffney, A. Heinz, C. R. Hoffman, C. Müller-Gatermann, R. D. Page, and G. L. Wilson

We demonstrate a new technique for obtaining fission data for nuclei away from β stability. These types of data are pertinent to the astrophysical r process, crucial to a complete understanding of the origin of the heavy elements, and for developing a predictive model of fission. These data are also…

[Phys. Rev. Lett. 130, 202501] Published Fri May 19, 2023

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