Emergent Glassy Behavior in a Kagome Rydberg Atom Array

We present large-scale quantum Monte Carlo simulation results on a realistic Hamiltonian of kagome-lattice Rydberg atom arrays. Although the system has no intrinsic disorder, intriguingly, our analyses of static and dynamic properties on large system sizes reveal emergent glassy behavior in a region of parameter space located between two valence bond solid phases. The extent of this glassy region is demarcated using the Edwards-Anderson order parameter, and its phase transitions to the two proximate valence bond solids—as well as the crossover towards a trivial paramagnetic phase—are identified. We demonstrate the intrinsically slow (imaginary) time dynamics deep inside the glassy phase and discuss experimental considerations for detecting such a quantum disordered phase with numerous nearly degenerate local minima. Our proposal paves a new route to the study of real-time glassy phenomena and highlights the potential for quantum simulation of a distinct phase of quantum matter beyond solids and liquids in current-generation Rydberg platforms.

  • Received 30 January 2023
  • Revised 12 March 2023
  • Accepted 16 March 2023


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