Trivial Andreev Band Mimicking Topological Bulk Gap Reopening in the Nonlocal Conductance of Long Rashba Nanowires

Figure 3

Combination of the Andreev band with zero-energy states. (a) Energy spectrum showing the Andreev band crossing zero energy at the Zeeman field strength at which exterior ABSs are pinned to zero energy. (b) The topological visibility indicates the trivial nature of the system for all Zeeman fields. (c),(d) Local differential conductance calculated on the left and on the right end of the nanowire, showing pronounced ZBPs. (e),(f) Nonlocal conductances showing that the BRS is essentially unaffected by the presence of the ZBPs. Parameters: a=5nm; (NL,NR,NS,NN,NB,L=NB,R)=(90,94,140,30,7); M=5; (tL=tR,tSN,μL=μR,μSN,Δ0,ΔZc,αL,αR,γL=γR,μLead,L=μLead,R)=(100,20,0,2,0.25,1.75,13.75,13.20,10,40)meV; T=40mK. See also SM [70].

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