Quantum Control of a Single Magnon in a Macroscopic Spin System

Nonclassical quantum states are the pivotal features of a quantum system that differs from its classical counterpart. However, the generation and coherent control of quantum states in a macroscopic spin system remain an outstanding challenge. Here we experimentally demonstrate the quantum control of a single magnon in a macroscopic spin system (i.e., 1 mm-diameter yttrium-iron-garnet sphere) coupled to a superconducting qubit via a microwave cavity. By tuning the qubit frequency in situ via the Autler-Townes effect, we manipulate this single magnon to generate its nonclassical quantum states, including the single-magnon state and the superposition of single-magnon state and vacuum (zero magnon) state. Moreover, we confirm the deterministic generation of these nonclassical states by Wigner tomography. Our experiment offers the first reported deterministic generation of the nonclassical quantum states in a macroscopic spin system and paves a way to explore its promising applications in quantum engineering.

  • Received 6 November 2022
  • Accepted 17 April 2023


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