Microscopic Imaging Homogeneous and Single Phase Superfluid Density in ${\mathrm{UTe}}_{2}$

Odd-parity superconductor UTe2 shows spontaneous time-reversal symmetry breaking and multiple superconducting phases, which imply chiral superconductivity, but only in a subset of samples. Here we microscopically observe a homogeneous superfluid density ns on the surface of UTe2 and an enhanced superconducting transition temperature near the edges. We also detect vortex-antivortex pairs even at zero magnetic field, indicating the existence of a hidden internal field. The temperature dependence of ns, determined independent of sample geometry, does not support point nodes along the b axis for a quasi-2D Fermi surface and provides no evidence for multiple phase transitions in UTe2.

  • Received 17 October 2022
  • Revised 21 December 2022
  • Accepted 4 April 2023


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