Field Induced Multiple Superconducting Phases in ${\mathrm{UTe}}_{2}$ along Hard Magnetic Axis

Author(s): H. Sakai, Y. Tokiwa, P. Opletal, M. Kimata, S. Awaji, T. Sasaki, D. Aoki, S. Kambe, Y. Tokunaga, and Y. Haga

The superconducting (SC) phase diagram in uranium ditelluride is explored under magnetic fields (H) along the hard magnetic b axis using a high-quality single crystal with Tc=2.1  K. Simultaneous electrical resistivity and ac magnetic susceptibility measurements discern low- and high-field SC (LFSC …

[Phys. Rev. Lett. 130, 196002] Published Fri May 12, 2023

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