Quantum Associative Memory with a Single Driven-Dissipative Nonlinear Oscillator

Algorithms for associative memory typically rely on a network of many connected units. The prototypical example is the Hopfield model, whose generalizations to the quantum realm are mainly based on open quantum Ising models. We propose a realization of associative memory with a single driven-dissipative quantum oscillator exploiting its infinite degrees of freedom in phase space. The model can improve the storage capacity of discrete neuron-based systems in a large regime and we prove successful state discrimination between n coherent states, which represent the stored patterns of the system. These can be tuned continuously by modifying the driving strength, constituting a modified learning rule. We show that the associative-memory capability is inherently related to the existence of a spectral separation in the Liouvillian superoperator, which results in a long timescale separation in the dynamics corresponding to a metastable phase.

  • Received 31 May 2022
  • Accepted 14 April 2023


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Quantum Information

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