Quench-Probe Setup as Analyzer of Fractionalized Entanglement Spreading

We propose a novel spatially inhomogeneous setup for revealing quench-induced fractionalized excitations in entanglement dynamics. In this quench-probe setting, the region undergoing a quantum quench is tunnel coupled to a static region, the probe. Subsequently, the time-dependent entanglement signatures of a tunable subset of excitations propagating to the probe are monitored by energy selectivity. We exemplify the power of this generic approach by identifying a unique dynamical signature associated with the presence of an isolated Majorana zero mode in the postquench Hamiltonian. In this case excitations emitted from the topological part of the system give rise to a fractionalized jump of log(2)/2 in the entanglement entropy of the probe. This dynamical effect is highly sensitive to the localized nature of the Majorana zero mode, but does not require the preparation of a topological initial state.

  • Received 13 July 2022
  • Accepted 11 April 2023


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